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Cybermaiden is a collection of NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

This project is based on a story set in a star system named Tiotion, in which five distinct clans live. The characters of the genesis collection will each have traits from the various clans, giving different benefits depending on the clan.

Holding an NFT will give you access to both digital and physical claims, as well as a voice in the project and the overall direction and mediums it takes place.

Each member of our team was carefully recruited, and is committed to our mission to build an engaging and exciting experience for folks who join our community. We are thrilled to explore the rich and deep story our team has so thoughtfully crafted already.

Join us in building experiences around the story of Cybermaiden through illustrated comics, animation, and gaming.


In the distant star system of Tiotion, the 5 factions, Megadhi, Oologba, Seau, Kykuwah and Jian, try to find balance.

Tiotion is a remote system, unaware of life beyond its own moons, and unnoticed by the rest of the universe. A thousand years after the Kykuwah were the first mainworlders to travel to Tiotion’s three moons⁠ — Rembula, Khaoli, and Dylax ⁠— everything would change.

A small group of Seau missionaries traveled to Tiotion’s smallest, and furthest, moon Dylax on a routine supplies run only to discover a horrifying scene of destruction.

Determined to learn who had betrayed the centuries old treaty between the mainworlders and the moondwellers, the missionaries went in search of survivors, but what they found was far worse.

After weeks of searching they discovered a small mine hidden in Dylax’s remote southern mountain chain, and here they saw with horror that the people of Dylax had been enslaved to mine megadite.

More frightening still, their fellow moondwellers were not being enslaved by mainworlders, but a people unknown to them...



It is said that the eyes of the Megadhi people turned their congenital, pale lilac color from so many generations of Megadhi staring into the megadite crystal, that as time went by the soft radiation that imbues the megadite with it’s power seeped into the very DNA of the people who named themselves for the stone.

On the day a Megadhite is born they are presented with three stones: a glittering diamond, a lump of coal, and a piece of raw, unpolished megadite. If the child chooses the diamond they are taken from their parents and sold as slaves to the uncivilized peoples of the inlands of Tiotion. If the child chooses the coal they are allowed to remain with their people and are raised to be miners. If the child chooses the megadite they are raised in the highest class of Megadhi society and the stone they selected is shaped, polished, and embedded into their foreheads as a reminder to all of the power they possess.


The nomadic Oologba people call no land home other than Tiotion itself. Known to be astute in business dealings they are often sought out to procure rare items, which has led some Oologba to become successful treasure hunters or even more successful thieves.

Their freedom to roam the land to sell or barter their goods has given them intimate knowledge of all the peoples Tiotion, and another ware they are known to trade in is intelligence.

It is a hard life to live on the road, and the Oologba believe this is why they take things so lightly. Jovial and well-liked, despite not being particularly well-trusted, the Oologba arriving to a town or city often heralds the start of festivals and celebrations.


The Seau are the largest group of moondwellers in the Tiotion system. Attuned to and reliant upon the energy of their homeworld — the largest moon of Tiotion, Rembula — the Seau are a spiritual people. Rembula is a tumultuous land dominated by harsh, unforgiving landscapes constantly being reshaped by volcanic activity and meteorites.

The Seau believe a peaceful life is required to balance the inherent violent nature of their world. For this reason the moondwellers are the most peaceful of the Tiotions, ardently supporting a doctrine of nonviolence, at times to their own detriment.

Their distinctive horns, immense height, and nocturnal circadian cycle separate them from other Tiotions. But it was primarily their ritualistic spiritualism, and sometimes macabre customs, that have made them a feared and misunderstood group.


The Jian keep to themselves and tend to only engage with other mainworld Tiotions when solicited. They do not partake in trading and live in the seemingly inhospitable forests surrounding Tiotion’s southern pole. Like the trees in the forests where they dwell, as the years passed in quiet solitude the Jian lived longer and longer lives, seemingly becoming a part of the ageless forest itself.

The Jian hold the moondwelling peoples in high esteem as the natural guardians of what they believe to be the holiest of places, Tiotion’s moons. This veneration has caused some Jian to consider moondwellers to be the gods themselves, and over the years cult groups have sprung up among the Jian, some of which have begun to radicalize under zealot doctrine.


The Kykuwah people were the first to harness the power of Tiotion’s winds, waters, and lightning. They brought technology to Tiotion. They built huge cities and expansive road systems, invented new methods of travel and power storage; they are always moving towards the next innovation.

Every family of status among the Kykuwahians has a heraldic sigil that has been passed down for generations, some for millenia. These complex designs and symbols, known as Eltanba, are tattooed directly onto every individual of a family. Only the most venerated among their people may receive Eltanba directly on their faces, for all the world to see.


Phase I

Genesis NFT
Release Genesis NFT Collection of 4444 CyberMaidens.

Collection will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain for 0.044 ETH per NFT during the public sale, and 0.033 ETH during the presale.

Phase II

Comic Book Volume I
An initial comic will be written and illustrated based on the events and clans of the Tiotion system.

Phase III

1-1 Airdrop
Individually illustrated 1-1s will be airdropped randomly to the community.

Phase IV

IRL Comic Book Volume I.
The initial comic release will be avaiable as an claimable drop, in which you'll receive a physical comic.

Phase V

To Be Announced


Web Developer
Smart Contract Developer


How many NFTs are there in the Genesis collection?
There are 4444 tokens total, 1111 available during the presale, and 3333 during the public sale.
What is the mint price?
The presale price is 0.033 ETH. The public sale mint price is 0.044 ETH.
When is the public sale?
The public sale starts directly after the presale is sold out, or on 08.14.22 7pm UTC, whichever comes first. There will be 3333 tokens available during the public sale.
Will the comic ever be published as a physical drop?
Yes, there will be physical drops, beyond just the comic.
How can I get access to the presale?
You can qualify for a presale spot by signing up on

Spots are limited to 1111 entries and will be randomly selected from the pool of entries on 08.11.22 7pm UTC.
When will the presale winners be determined/announced?
The raffle will take place on 08.11.22 7pm UTC and the winners will be announced immediatelly following the raffle.
NFT Drops